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1979-1980 Home Player Shirt
The V-neck collar shirts were used between 1977-1982, whereas HITACHI sponsor was added in seasons 1979-1980 and 1980-1981 only. For the 1980-1981 season, the HITACHI sponsor adopted on the shirt is bigger than that in the 1979-1980.
However, in the season 1980-1981, the size of the HITACHI sponsor logo was not exactly the same as that appearing in the former season.
Liverpool was the first-ever team in history adopting commercial sponsorship on the chest. The Japanese electronics company HITACHI appeared on Liverpoool shirts in seasons 1979-1980.
Again, only for the geniune player shirt, you will have both the club crest and manufacturer motif embroidered.
Liverpool 1980-1981 Home Player Shirt - Numbered 3 shirt belongs to Alan Kennedy.
If we view from the inner side, the effect of embroidery is more conspicous. So what is meant by "Big Hitachi"?
It's the kind of sponsor logo adopted in season 1980-1981, with the alphabets in big-square shape and occupied bigger area on the front of the shirt.
Clearly we can see that the letter "H" and letter "I" goes beyond the Umbro motif and club crest. This will only be the case for "Big Hitachi" sponsor logo.
This shirt is fully autographed in the front by players. Identified autographs include Richard Money, Sammy Lee, Craig Johnston, Mark Lawrenson, Kenny Dalglish, David Johnson, Terry McDermott, Bruce Grobbelaar, and of course Alan Kennedy.
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