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1984-1985 World Club Cup Championship Final Player Shirt
The 1984-1985 season marks the final episode of Umbro manufactured kits. The 1984-1985 away shirt is a all golden shirt without any red vertical stripes on it. Except for the World Club Cup Championship, all away shirts of this style have the Crownpaints sponsor logo in the front side.
The World Club Cup is the annual championship game between the club champions of Europe and South America. In 1984-1985, the match was played between CA Independiente and Liverpool. Both CA Independiente and Liverpool have the home kits in red colour. Liverpool was drawn to play as the away team and thus wore the all golden away kit. The Liverpool shirts have no Crownpaints sponsor.
The World Cup Club Championship simply ran on a one match tie basis in 1984-1985. It was played in Toyko on 9 December 1984 and is also known as the Toyota Cup. Liverpool lost 0-1 to CA Independiente at full time.
Interestingly, the squad numbers in World Club Championship 1981 and 1984 did not follow the conventional rule of starting lineup players wearing #1 to #11.
The above photo shows Gary Gillespie, who was a starting lineup player, wearing a short sleeved number 15 shirt.
There were no long sleeved replicas produced for this away kit.
Replicas (left) have ironed on Liverbird crest while genuine player shirts have embroidered Liverbird crest.
Liverpool 1984-1985 World Club Cup Championship Final Player Shirt - A long sleeved number 15 shirt is a spare shirt of Gary Gillespie.
Replicas (left) have ironed on Umbro while genuine player shirts have embroidered Umbro motif. The inner side of the player shirt shows clear signs of embroidering work.
Same as otherwise 1970s and 1980s Umbro era player shirts, the size information are printed in words instead of numbers on the collar label tag.
Same as otherwise 1970s and 1980s Liverpool player shirts, the numbers on the backside are machine-stitched cloth material.
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