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1988-1989 Third Player Shirt
This is one of the mysterious and hardest to find Liverpool shirts in the 1980s. We all know that third shirts are very uncommon to Liverpool in the 1970s and 1980s. The release of this third shirt is never discretionary. It was in fact an inevitable mandate as a result of a kit colour clash in the season 1988-1989. Let's look at the following historical facts.
So what happened when we got to play Aston Villa then at Villa Park? Could we wear our red kit? NO. Could we wear our grey change kit? Also NO. Both kits clashed colour with Aston Villa's 1987-1989 home shirt.
So in the 1987-1988 season (our last episode of Crownpaints sponsorsihp), we dropped out both crew-neck new kits and wore a prior season retired away kit - the 1985-1987 white V-neck Crownpaints away shirt.
Featured Peter Beardsley in action for the F.A. Cup Fourth Round match against Aston Villa, played on 31 January 1998 at Villa Park. Match details and squad line up can be found
First of all, the story must start with a Hummel brand Aston Villa home shirt spanning for two seasons - 1987-1988 and 1988-1989. This shirt has a red / grey-stripped halves design.
Recall what kits we had in these two seasons: red home kit and grey change kit, same design template but different sponsorship logo - Candy took over Crownpaints as the shirt sponsor in season 1988-1989.
Here's another match action photo from the 1987-1988 season F.A. Cup Fourth Round match against Aston Villa played on 31 January 1988 at Villa Park.
Very clear, the white Crownpaints retired shirt was worn.
Stepping into the season 1988-1989, we still faced the problem of kit colour-clash with Aston Villa's home kit.
However, it was a fresh start of Candy sponsorship season and there was no predecessor white kits available like the Crownpaints era.
Under such circumstances, we couldn't wear the red Candy or grey Candy shirts. We also couldn't wear the same white Crownpaints shirt because of new sponsorship taking off.
Inevitably, Liverpool released a one-off white third shirt with Candy sponsor. This shirt was never released as replicas for sale.
Featured Steve Nicol wearing this 1988-1989 Third white Candy shirt in action.
To be exact, the 1988-1989 third white Candy shirt was only worn ONCE on 10 September 1988 against Aston Villa at Villa Park. Squad details of the match can be found here.
As we can see, Peter Beardsley played as a substitute and replaced John Barnes in this match. And Peter Beardsley's shirt was a number 12.
Note that Alan Hansen was absent for most of this 1988-1989 season due to injury. He was only fit again to play lately in the Hillsborough F.A. Cup Semi Final on 15 April 1989.
As a general feature of 1980s era Liverpool player shirts, both Adidas motif and club crest are fully emboridered.
Liverpool 1988-1989 Third Player Shirt - number 12 shirt belongs to Peter Beardsley. This should be a match spare shirt as Peter Beardsley should have worn a short sleeved shirt in action on 10 September 1988.
Backside number is machine stitched on. As aforesaid, the number 12 in this one-off match was Peter Beardsley.
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