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1991-1992 Away Player Shirt
The shirt of season 1991-1992 was only used in one season. This Adidas Equipment shirt has very simple design and structure - combining two pieces of cloth and that's it. On both replicas and player shirts, the Adidas motif and Candy sponsor are printed on the fabric only. Player shirt only differs from replicas in having embroidered Liverbird club crest.
Liverpool 1991-1992 Away Player Shirt
Liverpool 1991-1992 Away Player Shirt - Numbered 14 shirt belongs to a substitute player.
Featured Michael Thomas wearing this 1991-1992 away green player shirt.
The inner view shows a clearer effect of embroidered club crest.
The only crucial difference is found in the club crest.
Replica's club crest is rubber embossed.
while player shirt's club crest is fully embroidered into the shirt.
Genuine Liverpool player shirts from the 1990-1991 and 1991-1992 seasons have the Division One Football League patches stitched on each sleeve.
On a genuine player shirt, the numbers on the backside are machine stitched cloth.
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