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1996-1997 Away Player Shirt
(with Big Carlsberg sponsor)
Since 1993, all Liverpool player shirts used in domestic competitions have much bigger Carlsberg sponsor. This away kit was the first one released by Reebok and used in one season only.
Liverpool 1996-1997 Away Player Shirt (big Carlsberg)
Liverpool 1996-1997 Away Player Shirt (big Carlsberg) - Number 16 shirt belongs to Michael Thomas.
Featured Michael Thomas wearing the ecru away kit in season 1996-1997.
When the replica shirt (top one) is placed in alignment with the players shirt (bottom one), you can see the actual size difference of the Carlsberg logo.
When a replica is placed together with a player shirt, we can see a big Carlsberg (upper) reaches either sides of Reebok and club crest.
Inclusive of players shirt and replica shirts, there are three types of names & numberings adopted:
Left: Players shirts adopted the rough surface number without any logo.
Middle: Replica shirts bought from the club shop offer the number with the LFC logo and Liverbird.
Right: Replica shirts bought from one HK shop adopted the "Reebok" official number.
With different type of numberings adopted, the corresponding names are also different:
Top: Players shirts adopted the rough surface names shorter than a credit card length.
Middle: Club shop replica shirt adopted smaller sized names even much shorter than above.
Bottom: Reebok official names are comparatitvely the biggest in size.
A pair of fuse-on match worn version Premier League badges are adopted on the players shirt. Unlike those late 90's fuse-on match worn badges (ones with TM logo), this mid 90's match worn version fuse-on badges were never avaialble for public sale in Hong Kong or elsewhere - that means, it's impossible to get a pair of match worn sized fuse-on badges without the TM logo separately.
Top: Replica shirts has size tags denominated in inches numbers - 46/48
Bottom: Players shirt has size tags denominated in words instead - XL
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