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1996-1997 European Cup Winners Cup
Away Player Shirt (with Carlsberg sponsor)
The ecru away shirt was only used for one season, that is, 1996-1997. Player shirt used in the European Cup ties differs from the standard Premier League player shirt in having small Carlsberg sponsor as well as the simplified manufacturer motif on the chest.
Liverpool 1996-1997 European Cup Winners Cup Away Player Shirt - Number 6 shirt belongs to Irish defender Phil Babb.
Liverpool played against FC Sion of Switzerland in two legs in the European Cup Winners Cup for season 1996-97.
FC Sion's home shirt was red and the away shirt was white. In the first away leg played on 17 October 1996, Liverpool wore the ecru away shirt.
The "official licensed product" cloth tag is only found at the bottom of the repilca shirt (left) but not on the genuine player shirt.
Under the UEFA ruling on restricting sponsorships, Liverpool's European matches player shirts adopted a simplified manufacturer motif (right side). General replicas have the words Reebok on top of the logo (left side).
The size tag on the genuine player shirt shows worded size XL instead of numerics like 46"-48".
Names & numbers on the genuine player shirt are comparatively larger than the ones found on official replicas' version.  Moreover, there is no Liverbird stamp on the bottom of number.
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