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1997-1998 Away Player Shirt (Big Carlsberg)
This is the second away shirt released under the Reebok era and spanned for single season 1997-1998.  The genuine player shirt used for domestic competition continues to have bigger Carlsberg sponsor logo when compared with replicas.
Liverpool 1997-1998 Away Player Shirt - Number 24 shirt belongs to England midfield player Danny Murphy.
Featured Robbie Fowler in action wearing a 1997-1998 away player shirt.
The major difference lies in the Carlsberg sponsor size - the upper one is from a replica shirt, the lower one is from a player shirt used for domestic competitions. The Reebok era shirts are very unlike the Umbro era ones in respect of size tags differences. For this away shirt, replicas have worded size tag, say for this one XL.
For the player counterpart, the size tag shows numerics, say for this one 46/48 inches (chest size).
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