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1997-1998 UEFA Cup Home Player Shirt
(Small Carlsberg)
Liverpool participated in UEFA competitions both in seasons 1996-1997 (European Cup Winners Cup) and 1997-1998 (UEFA Cup). Unlike the domestic competitions bearing big Carlsberg sponsor, Liverpool needs to adopt a smaller sized Carlsberg sponsor logo due to broadcasting size-limit restrictions.
Featured Robbie Fowler wearing the 1996-1998 UEFA competition home shirt. Liverpool 1997-1998 UEFA Cup Home Player Shirt - Number 17 shirt belongs to Paul Ince. From first sight you may think this shirt is identical to a replica (having small Carlsberg sponsor), however, this UEFA shirt is not avialble for public sale.
So what's the difference?
Taking a zoomed view, the Reebok motif on the UEFA Cup shirt (right side) is simplied to a Reebok logo only. The Reebok words are dropped out.
Despite having a seemingly same sized Carlsberg sponsor as the replica shirt, the UEFA Cup shirt's sponsor is in fact slimmer and having a pink trim around the letters.
Please note that this is NOT an optical illusion resulted from paling or staining after washed.
The "Official Licensed Product" tag is absent on the player shirt (right side).
For the season 1997-1998 UEFA Cup campaign, Liverpool used the unified Lextra Premier League style names & numbers, but the lion-stamp logo is absent on the numbers.
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