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1998-2000 Home Player Shirt (Big Carlsberg)
This is the second  home shirt released under the Reebok era and spanned for two seasons from 1998-1999 and 1999-2000. The shirt style somehow retrospects the 1960s-1970s design with round neck collar and oval white crest on the chest.
The genuine player shirt used for domestic competition continues to have bigger Carlsberg sponsor logo when compared with replicas.
Featured Liverpool full squad picture with players wearing the 1998-2000 home shirt.
Liverpool 1998-2000 Home Player Shirt - Number 18 shirt belongs to Erik Meijer.
When two shirts are aligned together, it's clear to see that Carlsberg sponsor is much bigger on the player shirt (lower portion).
With a replica (upper portion) compared with a player shirt (lower portion), the Carlsberg clearly extends more to both left and right side in respect of Reebok motif and club crest positions.
Replicas have the Reebok motif stitched on the chest.
Player shirts have the Reebok motif rubber embossed.
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