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1999-2000 Away Player Shirt (Big Carlsberg)
This is the fourth away shirt released under the Reebok era and spanned for the season 1999-2000. With the green colour used, it looks quite like a can of Carlsberg! This shirt was also worn once in the 2000-2001 season against Bradford City owing to kits colour clash.
The genuine player shirt used for domestic competition continues to have bigger Carlsberg sponsor logo when compared with replicas in season 1999-2000. However in the one-time only use in season 2000-2001, the same shirt has adopted the small Carlsberg.
Featured Jamie Carragher wearing the green away shirt against Manchester United in season 1999-2000. This shirt has adopted a big Carlsberg sponsor.
Featured Jamie Carragher wearing the same green  away shirt against Bradford City in season 2000-2001. This shirt has adopted a small Carlsberg sponsor.
Liverpool 1999-2000 Away Player Shirt - Number 21 shirt belongs to Dominic Matteo.  This is the big Carlsberg version. When two shirts are aligned together, it's clear to see that Carlsberg sponsor is much bigger on the player shirt (lower portion).
The Carlsberg sponsor on a replica shirt (upper) is much smaller than the Carlsberg sponsor on the player shirt (lower).
The Reebok motif on a replica shirt (upper) is also smaller than the Reebok motif on the player shirt (lower).
There's a light-reflecting rubber tag at the rear bottom of the replica shirt. (Left)
In respect of the player shirt, such a plastic tag is absent. (Right)
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