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1998-2000 Home Friendly Player Shirt
(No Carlsberg)
This is the second  home shirt released under the Reebok era and spanned for two seasons from 1998-1999 and 1999-2000. The shirt style somehow retrospects the 1960s-1970s design with round neck collar and oval white crest on the chest.
In the Scandinavian pre-season tours played in 1998-1999 and 1999-2000, Liverpool's home shirt has no Carlsberg sponsor owing to alcoholic bans in Norway's broadcasting rule.
Featured picture of Michael Owen in the same 1998-2000 home shirt with no Carlsberg sponsor logo.
Featured Paul Ince in action against a Rosenberg player. This match was played on 29 July 1998 at Ullevaal Stadion.
Liverpool 1998-2000 Home Friendly Player Shirt - Carlsberg sponsor is dropped-out in the Scandinavian Tour.
Such non-sponsored shirt was worn TWICE:
In 1998-1999 against Rosenberg on 29 July 1998
In 1999-2000 against Valerenga on 29 July 1999
The normal home shirt should have a Carlsberg sponsor on the front. The Carlsberg sponsor logo is forced to be dropped-out when matches are played in countries with alcoholic bans.
Similar to the home player shirt, replicas have the Reebok motif stitched on the chest.
Player shirts have the Reebok motif rubber embossed.
Replicas have numeric size tag and player shirts have worded size tag.
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