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2006 FA Community Shield Player Shirt
Liverpool was once sponsored by Adidas from 1985 to 1996. Starting from season 2006-2007 onwards, Liverpool has signed a sponsorship contract with Adidas again, and this is the first home player shirt under the "New Adidas" era.
The FA Community Shield, formerly known as FA Charity Shield, is played every year between League Champions and FA Cup Winners.
The 2006 FA Community Shield was played on 13 August 2006 between Liverpool and Chelsea. Featured Finnan wearing a short sleeved shirt in this match.
Liverpool 2006 FA Community Shield Player Shirt - this long sleeved shirt is the match supplied spare shirt of Finnan as he wore short sleeved in the match.
The Adidas 2006-2007 players shirts are characterised by using the formotion seamless design. As expected, there is a climacool tag on the replica
(left) and white formotion tag is only found on player shirt (right).
There is a "peanut shape" adidas laser-label (left) on the front bottom side of the replica (on the opposite side of the climacool tag). However, such laser-label
is absent on the player shirt (right).
From the inner side of the replica, you can see the uncovered sewn-on club crest and adidas motif.
From the inner side of the player shirt, the sewn-on club crest and adidas motif are covered by a thin layer of protective semi-transparent velveteen.
The purpose is to prevent rubbing of players' body if they don't wear a tee beneath the soccer shirt.
The so-called "formotion" is a texture-breakthrough called "seamless design" (just like Nike shirts from 2005-06 era). Upon a comparison, you can see replica shirt (left) has no air-tex spores on the upper-bound of the slanted inner-front shoulder diagonal. For the player shirt (right), you can see that air-tex spores are present.
Upon a closer look, we can see there are no signs of "seamless design" on the replica (left). Seamless means the joints are not stitched up but instead glued
If you compare with the player shirt (right), you can roughly see shadowed-shinny portion along the joints - not stitched by threads but in fact glued up by glue.
This is what Adidas call "seamless design".
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