The Liverpool Shirts Museum
2007-2008 Away Player Shirt
(Big Carlsberg)
This is "New Adidas Era" second season's away shirt. The main colours are red and white with a green Carlsberg. From this 2007-2008 season onwards,  the feature of "bigger Carlsberg" sponsor strikes back for domestic competition. This is exactly like the case for domestic shirts  between 1993-2005.
Featured Fernando Torres wearing the 2007-2008 away match worn shirt with bigger Carlsberg. Featured Javier Mascherano in action in this 2007-2008 away match worn shirt with bigger Carlsberg.
Liverpool 2007-2008 Away Player Shirt - Numbered 20 shirt belongs to Javier Mascherano.
This should be a match supplied unworn shirt allocated to Javier as he didn't wear long sleeved white away shirt in this season.
Starting from the 2007-2008 season, the size of the Carlsberg sponsor for shirts used in domestic competition becomes bigger again.
The lower half shows the Carlsberg of the Mascherano Player Shirt.
Feature of absence of laser hologram on player shirt is the same as in season 2006-2007. Feature of seamless cutting under Adidas formotion technology, and hence the bottom imprints, are still  the same as in season 2006-2007.
This Mascherano player shirt is acquired together with two same model player shirts from a reputable dealer in the U.K. and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. It's not any of those lousy & dodgy plain knock-ups with artificial self-badging up works.
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