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2008-2009 Small Carlsberg
Away Commerical Release
Formotion Player Shirt
Strictly speaking, please NEVER put an equal sign between this commercial release formotion player shirt with the match worn / issued shirts with good proverance.
Adidas has released seamless formotion "player version" shirts as commercial merchandise from for this 2008-2009 home kit. Note that only short sleeves versions are commercially available.
Adidas  released an official batch of commercial release formotion shirts with the official Carlsberg logo. This batch was released in December 2008 in selected Asian countries, including Hong Kong and Singapore.
Please note that this batch comes with the official SMALL size Carlsberg sponsor logo, that means the same size as the one you find on climacool replicas.
Why this is so? Simply because they are still commercial versions, and not regarded as 100% identical to the genuine match supplied / worn ones with big Carlsberg. In other words, you may regard them as the "deluxe" version replicas.
Don't be cheated by any dodgy sellers who claim such shirts as "never available to the public commercially", which is total bull shit.
Liverpool 2008-2009 small Carlsberg
Away Commercial Release Formotion Player Shirt (NOT match worn / issued)
The December 2008 released batch of commercial version formotion player shirt comes with official small Carlsberg logo. Never you will find official big Carlsberg on this shirt nor you will find long sleeved ones.
Formotion tag is present on the commercial release player shirt. I want to reiterate again: this formotion shirt is commercially available in season 2008-2009 and NOT a match worn/ issued shirt never available to the public!
Don't trust the lies of dodgy online sellers!
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