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2008-2009 Away Player Shirt
(Big Carlsberg)
Since Liverpool returned to Adidas brand kits in season 2006-2007, this is the fifth away shirt released, and spanned for single season 2008-2009.
This shirt brings back the typical away kit colour of the glorious 1980s - silver grey. Unlike the 2008-2009 home shirt, this away one does not have Red and White Kop checkers at neck collar. However, the shirt's fabric already incorporated a similar checkers pattern.
Featured Fernando Torres and Fabio Aurelio in action wearing the 2008-2009 away match worn shirt with bigger Carlsberg. Featured Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso and Robbie Keane wearing the 2008-2009 away match worn shirt with bigger Carlsberg (with the  red shorts instead of grey ones) against Arsenal in the Premier League match played on 21 December 2008.
Liverpool 2008-2009 Home Player Shirt - This number 8 long sleeved player shirt is the match spare shirt allocated to Steven Gerrard for the aforesaid Premier League match on 21 December 2008. See full proverance details below.
The 2008-2009 away player shirt retains all the seamless formotion features of the 2006-2008 ones.
Short sleeved commercial version formotion player shirts were released, but all of them have small Carlsberg.
Genuine match player shirts have a comparatively bigger Carlsberg sponsor.
Upper portion shows the Carlsberg sponsor on a commercial release formotion short sleeved player shirt.
Bottom portion shows the Carlsberg sponsor of the Steven Gerrard  genuine player shirt.
The long sleeved 2008-2009 away player shirt has a distinctive feature of broken Adidas three stripes on the sleeves.
Left portion shows a continuity of Adidas three stripes in fabric texture running down the sleeves for replicas.
Right portion shows broken lines of Adidas three stripes right in the middle of the sleeves in PU transfer texture for player shirts.
Formotion tag is present on front bottom of genuine player shirt (same as commercial release version player shirt).
This genuine player shirt was autographed by Steven Gerrard in the front side. See more for the full proverance.
Arsenal F.C. has a closely-linked relationship with the U.K. based charitable organization "Teenage Cancer Trust".
Arsenal has run many charity auctions / sale etc. to raise funds for the aforesaid charity.
(The above information can be found from the Barclays Premier League official website.)
For the Premier League match date on 21 December 2008, Arsenal decided to donate all receipts to Teenage Cancer Trust. This includes a match spare Steven Gerrard signed shirt obtained from the opponent of that day - Liverpool.
(The above information can be found from Arsenal's "Be a Gooner. Be a Giver" website.)
Hence, this signed Steven Gerrard long sleeved match spare shirt shown here is exactly the one aforesaid. It comes to me with two full COAs provided by Arsenal F.C. and Teenage Cancer Trust respectively.
Fake Alert! Hong Kong based DIY " Carlsberg" added on plain stocks!
Be cautious when surfing through the internet auctions and meeting with Hong Kong sellers' so-called "player issued" shirts with the Big Carlsberg or Small  Carlsberg.
They are not officially the same thing as the genuine player shirts. In fact, what is cunningly done here is that they bought some plain non-sponsored stocks from ebay, and then make use of some computer CAD programs to cut-out the guesstimated "bigger" Carlsberg transfer sponsor, as well as the "small" Carlsberg.
No matter in texture, actual details / dimension, actual positioning measurements of such counterfeit are pathetic. (Of course they thought they did a great job which no one can tell the counterfeits from the genuine, but this is not the case when you held two shirts side by side)
Whenever you look for a genuine Liverpool "big-Carlsberg" player shirt, always avoid the Hong Kong sellers.
Counterfeit DIY "big" Carlsberg sponsor logo
Counterfeit DIY "small" Carlsberg sponsor logo
Long sleeved plain player stock shirt available through ebay.
Short sleeved plain player stock shirt available through ebay.
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