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2008 Liverpool Legends Stavanger Tour
Match Shirt
The Liverpool Legends and Viking Legends played an exhibition  match on 10 July 2008 in Stavanger, Norway.
Starting lineup of the Liverpool Legends side included: Bob Bolder, Rob Jones, Mark Wright, John Wark, Ronnie Whelan, Jason McAteer, Mike Marsh, Mark Walters, Alan Kennedy, John Aldridge and Ian Rush.
Bench substitutes included: Bruce Grobbelaar, Gary Gillespie, Phil Neal, Phil Thompson, Ronnie Whelan, Michael Thomas, Howard Gayle, John Durin, Jimmy Case, David Johnson, David Fairclough and Paul Walsh.
Liverpool Legends squad photo at the Stavanger Tour Liverpool Legends lining up (left to right):
Mark Wright, Michael Thomas, Howard Gayle and John Wark
Liverpool Legends in action (left to right):
John Wark, Ronnie Whelan, Ian Rush and Jason McAteer.
Former Liverpool manager Roy Evans was Liverpool Legends  team coach.
Featured Ian Rush, John Aldridge and Howard Gayle at the centre spot of the pitch during kick off.
Liverpool Legends 2008 Stavanger Tour Match Shirt - This numbered 24 shirt was match issued to Jimmy Case. However, Jimmy did not play in the match for some reason.
Liverpool Legends 2008 Stavanger Tour Match Shirt - The shirt itself is a Liverpool 2008-2010 home replica shirt (climacool instead of formotion). Special logos of Liverpool Legends Stavanger 08 and Liverpool.no website address are applied on the shirt.
Special match sponsor logos were also applied on reverse. In this match, only squad numbers were applied, with no player name.
Another special match sponsor logo is also applied at the bottom of the reverse.
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