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2009-2010 Away Player Shirt
(Big Carlsberg)
This is "New Adidas Era" away shirt for season 2009-2010, in black / dark brown and golden colour. This away shirt was mostly worn in domestic competition and briefly worn in UEFA Europa League campaign. The 2009-2010 season is the last episode of Carlsberg sponsorship. As usual, a big Carlsberg sponsor is applied on genuine match shirts for domestic competitions.
Liverpool 2009-2010 Away Player Shirt - This number 23 shirt belongs to Jamie Carragher.
Featured Jamie Carragher wearing the 2009-2010 away phantom player shirt in the English Premier League match against Manchester United
Left: Adidas motif is sewn on replica shirt.
Right: Adidas motif is a thick PU layer ironed on the the player shirt.
The Carlsberg sponsor on the domestic player shirt is bigger than that of the replica shirt.
Left: Adidas 3 stripes on the replica shirt is sewn on.
Right: Adidas 3 stripes on the player shirt is PU heat ironed on.
As usual, replicas are cimacool shirts and player shirts are formotion shirts.
This genuine match issued player shirt of Jamie Carragher was acquired from UK reputational dealer matchwornshirts.com, with full proverance of authenticity.
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