The Liverpool Shirts Museum
2009-2010 Third Player Shirt
(Big Carlsberg)
This is "New Adidas Era" third shirt for season 2009-2010. The shirt was  described as "EU AWAY" shirt but used for both European fixtures and domestic competitions. The 2009-2010 season is the last episode of Carlsberg sponsorship. As usual, a big Carlsberg sponsor is applied on genuine match shirts for domestic competitions.
Liverpool 2009-2010 Third Player Shirt - This number 47 shirt belongs to Spanish player Daniel Pacheco.
Featured Liverpool players wearing the 2009-2010 third match worn shirt with bigger Carlsberg.
The Carlsberg sponsor on the domestic player shirt is bigger than that of the replica shirt. Left: Adidas motif is sewn on replica shirt.
Right: Adidas motif is a thick PU layer ironed on the the player shirt.
Left: Adidas 3 stripes on the replica shirt is sewn on.
Right: Adidas 3 stripes on the player shirt is PU heat ironed on.
As usual, replicas are cimacool shirts and player shirts are formotion shirts.
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