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2012-2013 Home Premier League "Poppy Match" Player Shirt
In season 2012-2013, the commemorate Premier League match for Remembrance Day was played on 11 November 2012 between Chelsea and Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. Liverpool donned a heat pressed red poppy flower on the home shirt.
Liverpool's 2012 Poppy Appeal Match - away Premier League fixture against Chelsea  on 11 November 2012.
Featured starting line-up players for the match day.
Featured substitutes for the match day.
Liverpool players paid a minute silence respects to the members of those involved in the armed forces.
Liverpool's young Spaniard player Suso was the only subsitute who was used in this match, who replaced Nuri Sahin at 59 mins in the second half.
Jesus Fernandez Saez, commonly known as Suso,  breaks into Liverpool's first team in season 2012-2013. Liverpool conceded a goal to John Terry of Chelsea in the first half. Livepool equalized in the second half with Luis Suarez's header goal. The attack was initiated by a corner taken by Suso.
It's worth noting about the position of the red poppy flower ironed the shirt. Featured Steven Gerrard before the kick-off. The red poppy flower is ironed on in an upright  position - that means a calabash with a fat base.
Featured Steven Gerrard in the second half of the poppy match. In contrast, the red poppy flower is ironed in an inverted position - that means a calabash with a thin base.
On 20th November 2012, Liverpool F.C. announced in the official website that the Poppy Appeal match shirts are put into auctions at ebay.
Liverpool 2012-2013 Home "Poppy Appeal Match" Player Shirt - Royal British Legion advertised it at ebay as "match worn shirt of Suso", but in fact it should be a match unworn spare as it bears an inverted Poppy flower.
The Suso shirt was advertised as "match worn" by Royal British Legion at the ebay auction.
On 7th December 2012, Liverpool F.C. announced in the official website that the Poppy shirts raised a record of UKP21,000 for the Royal British Legion.
Same as prior year, the fully signed poppy match shirt comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by the club.
The 2012 poppy match worn shirt is fully autographed in the front.
In seasons 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, the ebay auctions of Liverpool Poppy shirts were taken care by Merseyside RBL.
But in season 2012-2013, RBL centralized most teams' poppy shirts auction at its headquarters.  At the end of auctions, the latter didn't spontaneously post the winning bidders donation statements in RBL letterhead.
It was the curator who took the initiative writing to RBL headquarters, seeking for a donation statement as in prior years. The donation statement arrived one week later than the shirt.
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